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Ten days on, I have no real complaint at all about Vista. Usability wise, it is excellent. I just love the Aero Glass interface and the immersive interaction you get with every aspect of the operating system and the programs you run.

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You rarely hear about a new OS causing people to panic. But IT consultant Scott Pam says that's exactly what his small-business clients are doing when they install Windows Vista on new PCs and run smack into compatibility or usability roadblocks. Pam's clients are not alone : Since InfoWorld launched its petition drive on Jan.

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Over this time I have come to loathe the Vista operating system. One of most common complaints of Vista is how slow it is. As an example, it takes my workstation approximately 10 minutes to boot to a useable state. One of the few programs that I have in my startup folder is Microsoft Outlook

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Windows Vistaan operating system released by Microsoft for consumers on January 30,has been widely criticized by reviewers and users. Due to issues with new security features, performance, driver support and product activationWindows Vista has been the subject of a number of negative assessments by various groups. For security reasons, bit versions of Windows Vista and of Windows 7 as well allow only signed drivers to be installed in kernel mode.

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Our big boy Windows Vista is turning six today, and like any proud, overbearing and slightly embarrassing parent, we want to give a little speech. Only, in this case, we want to remind you just why Vista was a godforsaken OS with more design flaws than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Happy Birthday, buddy.

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Windows Vista unknown. The lastest security breach from Microshaft. Windows Vista features a whole heap of junk you didn't want, hidden so well that you can't find it to get rid of it.

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Is it possible — they want it to suck? There is more money in replacing something we hate than something we love. I read a blog entry today that hinted at a conspiracy-like theory that Microsoft internationally leaked a pre-release beta copy of Windows 7 onto the bit torrent pirate tool web sites.

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I've been cursing Vista for almost every single day, it seems. The latest problem that's been bugging me is running Dreamweaver on my stupid Vista. I can't remember how many times I had to uninstall and install it again and again.

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Okay, Vista can be great, but we know at times Vista sucks. And if you are one of the many people who bought a "Vista Capable" PC from somebody else because we never made cheap machines like that that actually wasn't, well we empathize, If you're interested in what went on with this, look here. While we can't help if you got stuck with one of these machines short of selling you one of ours, we gave our Agent Lexy here the task of scouring the Internet for ways to make Vista and Windows 8 suck less. Here's what she found.


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