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People with dementia, just like other people, often have sexual needs. For many people with dementia, maintaining or developing a sexual relationship can enhance wellbeing. There is sometimes a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviour, which often depends on the values of the staff and relatives of the patient concerned.

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Inappropriate sexual behavior ISB is a relatively common and potentially disruptive form of behavior in people with dementia. It can cause considerable distress and put placements and people at risk. Yet it is poorly researched and understood.

Basket Login Register. Changes in behaviour. The first time it happened I was very upset.

Brown has moderate dementia and continues to live at home. His private caregivers have been quitting due to his sexually inappropriate behaviors. Common response : When Mr.

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Although sexual activity decreases in the elderly, sexual interest can remain at baseline 1. Societal stereotypes often result in the classification of all sexual behavior among older adults as inappropriate or pathologic, thus it is important to distinguish appropriate versus inappropriate sexual behavior ISB. Unfortunately, there is no globally accepted definition of ISB, so this determination must be predicated upon what is viewed as normative within the contexts of the environment, as well as the risk or discomfort inflicted upon others.

While it's impossible to say how the disease will unfold for any given individual, it does have the potential to cause unwelcome sexual behaviors. For spouses and loved ones, such changes underscore the impact of the disease on even the most intimate of relationships. It is vital, though, to remember that this behavior is a result of the disease, or possibly of other health issues or medications.

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Although inappropriate sexual behavior in older adults with dementia is not widespread, it can be problematic for health care providers, patients, and caregivers. Treating these behaviors is a challenge, especially in long term care settings. Following are details of a case of sexually inappropriate behavior in an elderly patient with dementia. Case Report An year-old white male was seen in clinic with his daughter who reported that he frequently removed his clothes and touched his genital area.

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Alzheimer's Disease - Challenges for the Future. Uncontrolled sexual behaviour in dementia is considered as a symptom of the behavioural disturbances seen in dementia, such as agitation, disinhibition, apathy, depression, and psychotic behaviour. The combination of these behavioural problems and progressive cognitive dysfunctions are the main characteristics of dementia.

A senior mother and her daughter relish the comforts of home and routineā€¦ read more. One of the most awkward and challenging of dementia symptoms are those that result in inappropriate sexual behavior. One family caregiver told the story of when her dad invited his brother, who had dementia, over for lunch.


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