Aching in vagina

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By answering a series of questions, you will learn about the more likely reasons for your vaginal pain or discomfort. This guide is not intended to substitute for the in-office care and the advice of your physician. Vaginal discomfort can occur even when there is nothing out of the ordinary that you can see or feel in the genital area.

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In females, the vagina is the passage from the cervix to the vulva. Pain or discomfort in your vagina is often the result of a medical or psychological issue. Early treatment and intervention may help you find relief and lower your risk of complications.

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The external female genital area is called the vulva. The outer folds of skin are called the labia majora and the inner folds are called the labia minora. If you see changes on the skin of the vulva, or if you have itching, burning, or pain, contact your gynecologist or other health care professional.

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Typically, when you have a yeast infection, your vaginal discharge looks like cottage cheese. If yeast is suspected, your doctor will obtain a sample of the discharge and look at it under a microscope for diagnosis. Antifungal vaginal creams or a pill can take care of vaginitis caused by yeast.

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And though you know you should call your ob-gyn, explaining the pain can be embarrassing—and you worry she won't take you seriously. We can find out what the cause is and treat it, just like any other medical condition. We asked Dr.

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When it comes to bodily pains, having a sore vagina ranks right up there with having your wisdom teeth pulled. So if an intense romp has you waddling let's be real, that's the accurate and extremely unsexy way to describe ityou should probably have a conversation with your partner or your gynecologist or both, TBH. That said, sometimes sex does hurt and it results in an comfortably sore vagina.

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Listen, I love Ariana Grande as much as the next girl Girl, are you kidding me? I'd literally rather have any other type of pain than vaginal pain.

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When you think of pain during your periodyou might think about cramps, which typically occur in the lower abdomen. But sometimes, pain felt around your period is centered in the vagina or vulva. This can be a side effect of the typical processes associated with menstruation, or it could point toward an underlying problem. However, if the pain is significantinterferes with your life, or occurs outside your period, you should look into medical conditions potentially causing it.


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